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Create iSCSI Target

This article outlines the steps to install packages needed and set up an iSCSI target on Linux.

  1. Install SCSI Target Utils
  2. $ yum install scsi-target-utils

  3. Create target
  4. $ tgt-setup-lun -n tgt-1 -d /dev/sdb

    Where /dev/sdb is the disk to share and and are the IP's of the servers where the initiators will be.

  5. Start tgtd
  6. $ /etc/init.d/tgtd start

  7. Show all the targets
  8. $ tgt-admin -s
    Target 1:
        System information:
            Driver: iscsi
            State: ready
        I_T nexus information:
        LUN information:
            LUN: 0
                Type: controller
                SCSI ID: IET     00010000
                SCSI SN: beaf10
                Size: 0 MB
                Online: Yes
                Removable media: No
                Backing store type: rdwr
                Backing store path: None
            LUN: 1
                Type: disk
                SCSI ID: IET     00010001
                SCSI SN: beaf11
                Size: 2147 MB
                Online: Yes
                Removable media: No
                Backing store type: rdwr
                Backing store path: /dev/sdb1
        Account information:
        ACL information:

  9. Make persistent
  10. $ chkconfig tgtd on
    $ /bin/cat <<xxEOFxx > /etc/rc.local
    tgt-setup-lun -n tgt-1 -d /dev/sdb

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