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Adding RPM Fusion repositories

Adding the RPM Fusion repositories


How to convert audio / video media with ffmpeg

Ever need to convert 50 audio files to another format? This is made easy with ffmpeg and a for loop.

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NIC Bonding

Bonding two physical Ethernet interfaces together to make one logical interface is a great way to provide redundancy or increase bandwidth. In this example I demonstrate how to configure bonding in mode 1 which is the (active-backup) configuration.


Mount Dropbox Account on Linux

This article outlines the process for associating your Dropbox with DropDAV and mounting this WebDAV as a filesystem on Linux.

  1. First, go to DropDAV and link to your Dropbox account. If your Dropbox account free, then your DropDAV account will be free. If your Dropbox account is paid, then your DropDAV account is 30% of your Dropbox plan price.

Add Dag Wieers RPMforge Repository

Adding the Dag Wieers RPMforge repository